About Dr. Christy Hill

Dr. Christy Hill has a passion for spiritual formation. Her spiritual roots were established in the Ashland Grace Brethren Church in Ohio where she felt a call in high school to be available for God to use her in forming the spiritual lives of people wherever He saw fit. The quest to be trained for this calling took her to study Christian Education at Wheaton College and Talbot School of Theology, eventually getting her Ph.D. in Educational Studies. God has developed her compassion for people and her ministry skills along the way, as well, by putting her in various settings outside her comfort zone. These have included working with underprivileged families in Mexico, discipling Jr. High students, leading adult singles in CA and equipping women for ministry in the local church. Even her latest role as wife and life partner to Jim Hill (2008) continues to be part of her context for how God is spiritually forming her. She currently teaches undergraduate and graduate students in the School of Ministry Studies at Grace College and Seminary.

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We live in the quiet community of Winona Lake, Indiana.

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Christy Hill, PhD

Jim Hill
Jim Hill, MA, MBA