Research on Competency Based Theological Education

Research on Competency Based Theological Education

Grace Seminary launched a new way to do Theological education in January 2018. Competency Based Theological Education is a revolutionary and ground-breaking method of delivering theological education that allows the student to stay in their ministry context while also being mentored by content experts, ministry practitioners, and formational shepherds. Learners must demonstrate competency, not only in cognitive acquisition of knowledge, but in skills necessary for effectiveness in ministry leadership. It is exciting to be on the cutting edge of re-envisioning theological education that has relational components of formation structured into the very fiber of each competency.

My sabbatical in spring 2020 allowed me to devote time to researching more about this educational movement. I looked at three aspects:

  • Best Practices in Teaching/Learning
  • Faculty Development
  • Assessment Practices

I will be posting articles in these key areas in the future.

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